Ed Watt Volunteer Distinguished Service Award

This recognition is given to a TSITE member who has contributed both to the advancement of the transportation profession and to ITE at the Section and district levels. Established in 1975, this high award is only presented to an engineer active in the profession for more than 10 years and who has exhibited outstanding service above and beyond the normal duties of his position over a number of years.

Past recipients are:

1975  Jack C. Marcellis
1978  Earl C. Williams
1990  Edward E. Watt
1996  James W. Yarbrough
1997  W. Mark Geldmeier
1998  Jack B. Humphreys
1999  Allan B. Cantrell
2000  Craig M. Hanchey
2001  Darcy Sullivan
2002  William L. Moore, Jr.
2003  Richard E. Riggins
2004  John Van Winkle
2005  Marble Hensley
2006  Marshall Elizer, Jr.
2007  Cindy Pionke
2008  Bob Murphy
2009  Steve Bryan
2010  Bob Stammer
2011  Hollis Loveday
2012  Alan Childers
2013  Martin Lipinski
2014  Steve Allen
2015  Jeff Hammond
2016  Stephen Meyer
2017  Greg Judy

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