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The Tennessee Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (TSITE) sponsors a student paper competition each year for civil engineering students enrolled at a university within the State of Tennessee. Solicitations will be made each Fall for student papers. A committee, comprised of Members of TSITE, will review all papers received and select award winners. The three best papers will receive awards. The first place winner will receive $500, the second place winner $250, and the third place winner will receive $100 from TSITE. Winners may be asked to make a presentation on their paper at a TSITE meeting. TSITE will submit all papers to the Southern District ITE for their student paper competition.


The purpose of the Student Paper competition is to encourage student members of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) to conduct and report on independent and original research and investigation of traffic and transportation subjects and to provide a means for recognizing outstanding accomplishments in this area.


The author must have been an ITE Student Member during period between the deadline of previous year competition and the deadline of the current year’s competition.

Deadline: February 15th.


a. Based on transportation related subject

b. 15 pages (maximum); double spaced; typed pages

c. be written in English

d. one author

d. title page with author’s name, University, mailing address / telephone number where author can be reached between January 1st and April 1st

f. table of contents

g. submit original manuscript and five photocopies


The ITE Student Paper will be evaluated in five categories

1. Originality (20%)
To what degree does the subject matter and conclusions treat new ideas or call for a significant departure from the present state-of-the art? How imaginative and original was the approach? How extensive were the qualities of inventiveness and ingenuity used?

2. Significance (20%)
To what extent is the paper a major contribution to transportation engineering?

3. Scope and Format (20%)
To what degree is the paper complete in relation to its stated purpose? Is the paper well organized? Is it concise?

4. Validity (20%)
How sound are the approach techniques, the data used, and the reasoning applied?

5. Applicability (20%)
To what degree can the conclusions reached in the paper be applied in a practical manner towards solving transportation engineering problems?


First place recipient receives $ 500.00

Second place recipient receives $250.00

Third place recipient received $100.00

Papers should be sent to the following by February 15th

Brian Haas
Cannon & Cannon
8550 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37919
(865) 670-8555
(865) 670-8866 fax

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