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The Southern District ITE sponsors a student paper competition each year. Early in the year, International ITE sends a letter to each student member outlining the student paper competition. This letter explains the criteria for the contest and that the paper is to be submitted to the Chair of the Southern District Education and Student Chapter Committee.

The Southern District uses the same criteria as International ITE for eligibility. Each entrant must be a student member of ITE at some time during the academic year in which the paper is submitted and must have been a student member while completing the work that was the basis for the paper.

The papers are typically due to the Southern District’s Education and Student Chapter Committee Chairman on March 1st. The District Committee reviews them and selects a winner and a runner-up by April 1. The award is presented at the Southern District Annual Meeting of the same year. The District awards a $100 check to the award winner and a $50 check to the runner-up.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the Southern District directly.

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